O D___Colombotheatrerio Cropped

O D___Week 1 World Cinema Introduction
O orange-arrow___Under the Skin of the City
O D___Chapters 1-3 in Stephanie Dennison & Song Wee Lim: Remapping World Cinema 2006
O D___Stephanie Dennison & Song Wee Lim: Situating World Cinema as Theoretical Problem
O D___Lucia Nagib: Towards a Positive Definition of World Cinema
O D___Dudley Andrews: An Atlas of World Cinema
O D___Iain Chambers: The Broken World in Migrancy Culture Identity 1994
O D___Martin Roberts: Baraka World Cinema & Global Culture Industry -Cinema Journal 1998
O D___Veit Erlmann: Aesthetics of Global Imagination -World Music in 1990s -Public Culture 1996

O D___
Week 2 Mapping the World
O D___Archives of the Planet 1909-29
O D___Teresa Castro: Les Archives de la Planete -Jump Cut 2006
O D___Paula Amad: Cinema’s Sanctuary -Film History 2001

O D___Week 3 Third Cinema
O orange-arrow___Third Cinema
O orange-arrow___The Hour of the Furnaces 1968
O D___Black God White Devil 1964
O D___Memories of Underdevelopment 1968
O D___The Jackal of Nahueltoro 1969
O D___Fernando Solanos & Octavio Getino: Towards a Third Cinema
O D___Glauber Rocha: An Esthetic of Hunger
O D___Julio Garcia Espinosa: For an Imperfect Cinema

O D___Week 4 Postcolonial Cinema Mozambique
O D___Kuxa Kanema
O D___Alessandro Meleiro: Luso-African Cinema: Nation & Cinema
O D___Mahomed Bamba: In the Name of Cinema Action & Third World
O D___Ros Gray: Cinema on the Cultural Front: Filmmaking & the Mozambique Revolution
O D___Maria Loftus: Kuxa Kanema: the Rise & Fall of an Experimental Documentary Series in Mozambique
O D___All in Journal of African Cinemas 3.2 2012

O D___Week 7 African-American Cinema
O orange-arrow___Killer of Sheep 1977
O D___Supersize Me 2004
O D___Paula Massood: An Aesthetic Appropriate to Conditions: Killer of Sheep -Wide Angle 1999

O D___Week 8 Cinema of Africa
O D___Letter from My Village 1975
O D___Bamako 2006
O orange-arrow___Tsotsi 2005
O orange-arrow___District 9 2009
O D___Akin Adesokan: Sissako & Engaged Expatriation -Screen
O D___Jacqueline Maingard: Screening Africa in Colour Bamako -Screen
O D___Jacqueline Maingard: African Cinema & Bamako -Critical African Studies

O D___Week 9 The Case of India
O D___Dhobi Ghast 2001
O D___Delhi Belly 2011

O D___Week 10 Eastern Europe
O D___The Childhood of Ivan (Tarkovsky, 1962)
O D___The Cranes are Flying (Kalatozov, 1957)
O D___Welcome (Klimow, 1964)
O D___The Homeland of Electricity (Shepitko, 1967)
O D___Strange People (Shukshin, 1969)
O D___Wings (Shepitko)
O D___The Ashes and Diamonds (Wajda, 1958)
O D___The War Trilogy (Wajda)
O D___The Switchboard Operator (Makavejev, 1967)
O D___Knife in the Water (Polanski, 1962)
O D___Films by Andrzej Munk, Jerzy Kawalerowicz and Jerzy Skolimowski
O D___Early films by Milos Forman.
O D___
O D___
Week 11 Globalisation & Transnational Cinema
O orange-arrow___The Edge of Heaven 2007
O orange-arrow___District 9 2009
O D___Slumdog Millionaire 2008
O D___Handout